Community Groups are at the heart of everything we do.  If you're a member of Center Point Church you know how important we believe being involved in the life of others at Center Point Church is!  Community Groups are very flexible, as they meet on different days throughout the week, and in locations across eastern PEI. 

If you are interested in checking out one of our community groups, please contact us to find out which group will suit your needs and schedule the best!

Charlottetown Community Groups

Monday Evening - 7pm
Girls Night In (also open to Montague women)
Location - 12449 St. Peters Rd., Charlottetown
Led by Robyn Campbell

Tuesday Evening - 7pm
"1 John" 
Location - 97 Queen Street, Apt 304, Charlottetown
Led by Pastor Howie MacMaster

Thursday Evening - 7pm
The Book of James
Location - 740 Rte 6, Mount Steward, PE
Led by Nathan Friend and Klaas de Boer

Montague Community Groups

Sunday - 12:45pm (following service)
Family Focused Community Group, bring your kids, bring some food to share!
Location - 4 Brook Street, Montague
Led by Chris and Jen Burke

Monday - 6:00PM
Youth Group - Grades 7-12
Location - 4 Brook Street, Montague

Tuesday Evening - 7pm
Location - 1617 Greenwich Road, St. Peters Bay
Led by Albert ter Meer

Wednesday Evening - 7:00pm
"A Contrarians Guide to Knowing God"
Location - 4 Brook Street, Montague
Led by Pastor Howie MacMaster