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New Dates!

We'd like to give you all an update regarding our 2020 mission trip to PR in November. After a lot of discussion, thought and prayer, we have decided to postpone the trip to 2021. The new dates will be February 20th-26th, 2021.

So many factors have gone into this decision, such as restrictions on fundraising, high number of covid-19 cases in the US, travel restrictions currently in place with no idea when the borders will be open to the US for our type of travel and no known vaccine for covid in sight.

With the decision to push the dates of our trip, we have also decided to re open applications & extend the invitation for others to join our team, until June 15th. This is going to be a hard deadline, with no exceptions as we have a really tight time line. So if you feel God calling your heart to come with us, please see the link below to fill out the application. We'd be so happy to have you join us!

Lastly, if anyone ever has any questions that I can answer, please reach out to Jennifer LaVie any time at

Click the link below to apply! 👇

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